Midor Ledor (From Generation to Generation) (CD)


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Classic Messianic Worship

In April of 2011, believers gathered from all over Israel to hear a unique concert. This praise celebration featuring Hebrew music written by the messianic pioneers of the 1980's and sung by the younger generation was a great success. The Pavilion was full to overflowing and the audience enthusiastically sang along with every song, many transported back 25 years to when the music was well known and widely used. Now the CDs and DVDs are being released. Featuring lead vocalists like Sheli Myers, David Segin, Lior Sperandeo, Irit Iffert, Birgitta Veksler, and Jamie Hilsden, the recording has beautifully captured the energy and spirit of praise that everyone felt that evening. The selection of thirteen songs include "Kumi Ori" by Batya Segal, "Ram VeNisa HaMashiach" by David Loden, "Koli El Adonai" by David Stern, "K'Ayal Ta'arog" by Elisheva Shomron, and "Hine Che'einei Avadim" by Israel Harel, and "Ruach Adonai Alai" by Tony Sperandeo.

The CD was mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winners, and is a "must-have" if you enjoy Hebrew Messianic music!

The songs are all in Hebrew.

Songs Included Samples
Adonai Machasenu
Haruach Vehakala
Kumi Ori
Koli El Adonai
Hine Ke'einei Avadim
Ke'ayal Ta'arog
Im Ta'amdu Bidvari
Tov Lehodot la'Adonai
Hine El Yeshuati
Adonai Adoneinu
Ro'im Anu Et Yeshua
Ruach Adonai Alai
Ram Venisa haMashiach

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