Zimrat 2002 - Songbook


Songs from the Music Conference "Zimrat 2002" - published by: The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel

68 songs are included; click on the links to hear a preview or to download the song.

  1. Abba Toda (Father, Thank You)
  2. Adonai Ori Ve’yish’i (The Lord is My Light and Salvation)
  3. Adonai Elohayich Be’Kirbech (The Lord Your God is with You)
  4. Adonai Hoshi’a Na (Lord, Save Us)
  5. Ahavta Oti Rishon (You First Loved Me)
  6. Omar Le’Tziyon (I will Say to Zion)
  7. Eineni Bosh (I Am Not Ashamed)
  8. El Dvir Ha’Bayit (To the Sanctuary of the Temple)
  9. Elohai (My God)
  10. Ana Elech (Where Shall I Go)
  11. Ani Ha’ Alef VehaTav (I am the Alpha and the Omega)
  12. Ani Ma’amin (I Believe)
  13. Aromemcha (I Will Praise You)
  14. Esa Einai ( I Will Left My Eyes)
  15. Ata Neri, Adonai (You are My Candle, Lord)
  16. Ata Kadosh (You Are Holy)
  17. Itcha Ani (I Am with You)
  18. Ba Ani Eleicha Be’Hodaya (I Come to You with Thanksgiving)
  19. Banu Lir’ot Otcha (We Have Come to See You)
  20. Bi’Gvurat Ru’ach Ha’Kodesh (By the Strength of the Holy Spirit)
  21. Bo’u Nashir (Let Us Sing)
  22. Be’Chasdecha (In Your Grace)
  23. B’chol Libi (With All My Heart)
  24. Brit Chadasha (A New Covenant)
  25. Be’sari Yishkon Lavetach (My Flesh Will Dwell Securely)
  26. Hu Me’al Ha’kol (He is Over All Things)
  27. Haleluhu (Praise Him)
  28. Hineni Ba (I Am Coming)
  29. Hineni Shlachani (Here I Am, Send Me Out)
  30. VeErastich Li Le’Olam (I Will Betroth You to Me Forever)
  31. VeAta nasata Avon Chatati (You Forgave the Guilt of My Sin)
  32. Chai Bishvilcha (I Live for You)
  33. Chelki Adonai (My Portion is the Lord)
  34. Chasdecha (Your Grace)
  35. Taber Et Libenu (Purify Our Hearts)
  36. Tov Le’Yisra’el (Good to Israel)
  37. Yehi Shem Adonai Mevorach (Blessed Be the Name of the Lord)
  38. Yoducha Amim (The Nations Will Thank You)
  39. Yesh Ko’ach B’damo (There is Power in His Blood)
  40. Yeshua Adoneinu (Yeshua, Our Lord)
  41. Yeshua Ata Li Ahava (Yeshua, You Are Love)
  42. Yeshu’a Hu Adon (Yeshua is the Lord)
  43. Kavod Le’Elohim Ba’mromim (Glory to God in the Highest)
  44. Kulanu K’Ish Echad (All of Us, As One Person)
  45. Ki Besimcha Tetz’u (You Will Go Out in Joy)
  46. Ki Kacha Ahav Ha’Elohim Et Ha’Olam (For God So Loved the World)
  47. Ki Lachmenu Hem (They Are Bread for Us)
  48. Ki Shem Adonai Ekra (For I Will Call)
  49. Kol Davar (Every Word/Thing)
  50. Kol Yemei Chayenu (All the Days of Our Life)
  51. Lo Ani (Not I)
  52. Lada’at Oto (To Know Him)
  53. Mi Ya’ale Be’har Adonai (Who May Ascend the Hill of the Lord)
  54. Mayim Latzme’im (Water for the Thirsty)
  55. Ne’um Adonai Le’Adonai (Praise Him)
  56. Al Yedei Yeshu’a Ha’Mashi’ach (I Live for You)
  57. Tzam’a Nafshi (My Soul Thirsty)
  58. Tzme’im Lecha, Melech (We Thirst for You, King)
  59. Kadosh Ata (You Are Holy)
  60. Kadosh, Kadosh (Holy, Holy)
  61. Kach Kavod (Take Honor)
  62. Rau Halichotecha Elohim (They Have Seen Your Processions O God)
  63. Ronu Shamayim (Rejoice, O Heavens)
  64. Shir Hama’alot (A Song of Ascents)
  65. Shirat Dvora Ve’Barak (Song of Dvora and Barak)
  66. Sar Shalom (Prince of Peace)
  67. Ten Bi Geshem (Rain On Me)
  68. Tfilat Ha’Adon (The Lord’s Prayer)

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