Zimrat 2004 - Songbook


Songs from the Music Conference "Zimrat 2004" - published by: The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel

69 songs are included; click on the links to hear a preview or to download the song.

  1. Avarcha Et Adonai (I Will Bless the Lord)
  2. Ahavat Yeshua (Yeshua’s Love)
  3. Ahalel (I Will Praise)
  4. Ohavei Adonai (Lovers of God)
  5. Odeh La’Adonai (I Will Praise You O Lord)
  6. Oto Yeshua (This Same Yeshua)
  7. Ein Shinui Bo (He Never Changes)
  8. Elohim Mushlam (Perfect God)
  9. Ana Adonai (I Beseech You Lord)
  10. Ana Eli (My Lord, I Beseech You)
  11. Ani Ohev Otcha Kol Kach (I Love You So Much)
  12. Ani Achriz (I Will Declare)
  13. Aromimcha (I Will Exalt You)
  14. Esh Ahava (Fire of Love)
  15. Ashira La’Adonai Be’Chayai (I Will Sing to the Lord All My Life)
  16. Ata Ori (You Are My Light)
  17. Be’Damo (By His Blood)
  18. Bo’u Nehalel Et Adonai Be’Shir (Come Praise the Lord in Song)
  19. Ba’Rishona (At First)
  20. Gdolim Ve’Nifla’im Ma’asecha (Great and Wonderful are Your Deeds)
  21. Baruch Ha’Elohim Avi (Blessed Be the God and Father)
  22. Hu Ba Eleinu (He Came to Us)
  23. Ha’Dam Shel Ha’Brit (The Blood of the Covenant)
  24. Hu Or Ha’Olam (He is the Light of the World)
  25. Hu Natan Li (He Has Given Me)
  26. Hoshi’a Na Eloheinu (Save Us, O Lord)
  27. Hineh Ha’Adon Chikinu Lo (Here is the Lord for Whom We’ve Waited)
  28. Hineh Hu (Behold Him)
  29. Ha Ro’eh Ba’Shoshanim (Shepherd Among the Lilies)
  30. Hineni Mishtachaveh (I Bow Down Before You)
  31. Va’Ani Ohav Otcha (Yet I Will Love You)
  32. U’tzraftim (I Will Refine Them)
  33. Zchor Rachameicha (Remember Your Mercies)
  34. Chadashim La’Bkarim (Great is Your Faithfulness)
  35. Yeshua, El Yakar (Yeshua, Precious Lord)
  36. Yeshua, Tavo Malchutcha (Yeshua, Let Your Kingdom Come)
  37. Yeshua, Har’eh Li Et Ha’Derech (Yeshua, Show Me the Way)
  38. Kocha Shel Mila (The Power of a Word)
  39. Kavod Le’Elohim Ba’mromim (Glory to God in the Highest)
  40. Ki Ata Avinu (You Are Our Father)
  41. Ki Ata Adonai (For You Are the Lord)
  42. Ki Ko Ahav Elohim (For God So Loved)
  43. Kol Asher Yikra (Whoever Calls)
  44. Ken, Yeshua (Yes, Yeshua)
  45. Kol Matana Tova (Every Good and Perfect Gift)
  46. Lichyot Peirusho Ha’Mashiach (To Live is Christ)
  47. Lo Ha’Kavod Ba’Kehila (To Him Be the Glory in the Congregation)
  48. Ma Yedidot (How Lovely)
  49. Melch Ha’Mlachim (King of Kings)
  50. Natata Li Chayim (You Have Given Me Life)
  51. Ad Matai (How Long)
  52. Alo Na’aleh (We Will Go Up)
  53. Ata Yadati (Now I Know)
  54. Aseret Ha’Dibrot (The Ten Commandments)
  55. Pgisha Shmeimit (Divine Appointment)
  56. Kadosh (Holy)
  57. Kach Oti Adonai (Take Me Lord)
  58. Koli El Adonai (I Cry Aloud to the Lord)
  59. Kuma Adonai (Arise, O Lord)
  60. Panim El Panim (Face to Face)
  61. Ruma Adonai (Be Lifted Up, O Lord)
  62. Ra’ui Ata (You Are Worthy)
  63. Ro’eh Yisrael (Shepherd of Israel)
  64. Rachamim Avakesh (I Will Ask for Mercy)
  65. Ram Shimcha (Your Name, Oh Lord, is a Strong Tower)
  66. Rak Lehalel Et Shimcha (Just to Praise Your Name)
  67. Shir Le’Elohai (A Song to My God)
  68. Terachem Tziyon (You Will Comfort Zion)
  69. Shochen Yeusahlayim (He Dwells in Zion)

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